Select Your Fonts Carefully… They Matter

When it comes to how you share your brand with the world, there is a powerful element you may not be using to its full potential. In fact, you may not even be aware of it. 

Let me ask you: Do you realize the immense power of fonts? 

Good lettering can make a brand really stand out. Fonts are identifiers. They make you unique. When used properly, fonts can provide you:

Fonts help create memorable, unique logos

When it comes to the actual word portion of your logo — the wordmark — it should be as unique and special as your brand’s symbol. The name of your company should be able to stand alone and be recognizable because of the lettering aka font.

Documents, ad design, and annual reports that connect 

Strategic brand guidelines should always include a list of fonts for headlines and for body copy. This directs which fonts will represent your brand, and it creates brand consistency. Sometimes, your brand guidelines will include alternate fonts, which can be used for documents like annual reports or event promotions. When used strategically, an alternate font can complement your brand while making a particular initiative feel extra special. 

A way to connect in a busy digital marketplace

Your font should not be an afterthought. It’s an important part of your brand’s presence. It has the power to help you stand out authentically, in a way that strengthens your relationship with your customers and prospects.

Here’s how I put font-power to work for my clients…

I find the perfect font

When I’m designing a logo for a client, I use the brand strategy, the audience, and all of the client’s preferences to inform my hunt for the perfect font to represent their brand. With all of this in my head, I go into my Suitcase of fonts and type their business name. This allows me to see their name in each font I own. I then present a few options to you that I feel work very well. Clear winners always emerge. 

When appropriate, I manipulate a font to create proprietary letters that will make up your wordmark

This can be followed by a custom font created just for you. This means that only your brand has this font. This usually starts with finding an ideal font and customizing it further (with permission from the font creator). From apexes and arcs, to finials, ascenders, and tails. I geek out about the anatomy of letters, and this allows me to make intelligent and intentional adjustments to a font so that it becomes entirely unique. 

I always consider what’s best for the clients and how the decision will impact both their company and their brand, keeping in mind their budget, use cases, and team structure 

Sometimes clients need a free font. Or a font that allows them to make updates to their own material. Fonts have licenses and sometimes I will direct you to pay for your font to be able to use it for your brand. There are so many amazing fonts out there; it’s always possible to find or customize one that will meet all of their branding and implementation needs. Ease of use for clients is very important to me. 

How is this different from other designers? 

Many designers will give you a logo that looks like everybody else’s logo. I try to stay away from the norm. With my deep understanding of lettering and spacing, I design logos and marketing materials that look unique and showcase the truth of your brand.

Your business is unique. Let your fonts be, too!

When you work with Ruzow Graphics, I’ll put font-power to work for your brand. Let’s Talk!

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