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Peace, joy, and love logo perfect for holidays.

What are you up to over the holidays?

Do you have any traditions that you celebrate from year to year? I usually take two weeks off end of December - January, but boy was I on the road in 2019 for pleasure and work (Japan, Chicago (work), England (work, Maryland (work), Fire Island, Cape Cod, … Read More ›

A cartoon clown with his arms outstretched, depicted in a playful font.

Font / Type Terms Demystified

What is a font? A font is a complete collection of letters, characters, and numbers within a particular typestyle. Letters, numbers, and symbols in consistent type-weight and typestyle make up a complete set (type family) of a distinctive design of printing type such as Ariel, Helvetica, Times Roman … Read More ›

A red and black brand logo on a black background.

How Clients See You

It is always a good time of year to ask: What can we do to make business next year better than this year? For you, the answer might not be about how you do business, but instead, how people perceive it. Perception is a large part of the … Read More ›