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Great graphic design is one thing. But finding a human with who you enjoy working — puts the cherry on top. I’m grateful to work with businesspeople who are also great people. I’m fueled by the excellent working relationships we have; they count on me to be their design partner — not just a set of hands.

Being excellent at what we do just gets us to the starting line. Being real humans who create collaborative, enjoyable working relationships — that’s when things really happen!

So if you’re the kind of marketing director, development director, organization president, or business owner looking for a designer you can have a great relationship with, right on! Today I’m going to share more about the inner workings of me — what makes me tick — so you might have a better idea if we’ll be a good fit.

As a human being, I like to lead with generosity and collaboration. 

I also like to flip things upside down.

In my role as a mentor…

I love being a mentor! I mentor on the Adobe student platform, advise In Creative Co, and run the Creatives Roundtable. All of these outlets provide spaces where I can give back, urge creatives to think about things in new ways and ask questions to help everybody dig deeper. Even though I’m helping people, it’s also so rewarding for me! It keeps me fresh in my thinking, too!

With my elevator pitch… / When I network… / When I meet people…

At a recent networking event, everybody was giving their elevator pitches, and they all followed the same format. By the time it came to me, I had decided to flip my pitch on its head. And while everyone had been looking down at their phones, I suddenly saw people look up. They were paying attention. 

Designs I created for the University of Oxford helped land a 240 Million dollar donation for a new building. And new season materials including a 376-page document for the NFL Rookie players, and training guides helped the players and coaches enter the world of digital materials.  

I’m Nancy Ruzow, a graphic designer who helps my clients see how the right design connects the dots between their brand and their customers. I work with marketers and marketing departments, writers, and agencies as their design partner and strategist. I would love to discuss a collaboration!

Sometimes, we just have to lead with the goods. You know? 

As a design partner…

First of all, when I’m your design partner, I see myself as a team member. I’m on board. Your success is my success. So, I ask questions to help you get to the real need. The WHY. Often, we come up with a unique idea that helps you stand out. Clients say things like, “I never considered doing it this way, but it works so much better!”

In my free sessions…

I offer a free, 30-minute consultation for prospective new clients. If I can send some good guidance your way during our call, I will. Even if we don’t end up working together, it makes me happy if you are able to take something useful away to your next step. Also, I may be able to help you see your situation from a new perspective; hopefully we’ll be a good fit and can move forward putting a new spin on your organization’s graphic design efforts.

So, why do you want a generous idea flipper on your team?

Because a fresh, generous, outside perspective never hurt anyone. Maybe it’s time for a unique twist on your approach to set you apart? Or maybe the way you’ve been doing things is the best way to continue. Sometimes your approach is like pizza. It doesn’t need flipping. It’s better right-side-up. We can figure it out together.

Need a new, generous perspective? Count on me.

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