When you’re in good hands, you know it.

Delivering a hand-held graphic design experience for your non-profit organization, or business marketing.

It’s not about the awards (although they’re nice). It’s not just about on-point design. It’s also about relationships. This essential combination is what has supported our longevity for 25+ years and produced many happy clients and partners.

We specialize in working with clients from a variety of industries who want the ease, consistency, and personal-attention of a savvy graphic designer with agency-sized capabilities.

Agency capabilities, personal relationship.

Nancy Ruzow, Ruzow GraphicsI’m Nancy Ruzow, and I believe relationships are just as important as creativity, strategy, and efficiency. I think most agencies are missing the personal touch, and that’s why I operate an expandable agency. I scale up or down based on your needs via my pool of talented collaborators, but you always get me as your main point of contact.

Running around wearing black, so the color around me shines, I navigate the busy streets of NYC and Fairfield County, CT — expeditiously, but never in too much of a hurry to smile at strangers.

I live in the NYC suburb of Westport, CT with my husband and two crazy cats — Lexi and Layla. I play tennis obsessively, boogie board at Cape Cod beaches, grow cactus, and drink sake in my spare time. I have a degree in graphic design where I was introduced to the work of Milton Glaser, Joan Miro, Paul Rand — who continue to influence me, and my work in business branding services.

  • 100% certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE, WBENC, WPEO)
  • Chair, Design for Democracy for Connecticut.AIGA.org
  • Leadership team for NYC FlyFemaleFounders.org, a group of entrepreneurs who learn and grow as we advance our businesses together
  • Owner and moderator, CreativesRoundtable.com, an accountability group devoted to helping creative business owners focus, fine-tune and thrive

Are you ready to get down to creative business?

I feel incredibly lucky to get to do what I love all day (and sometimes night). The creative will be on-point. Beyond that, I want you to have a great experience. I want you to get kudos. And I’ll do everything in my power to ensure that’s the case.

Creative Collaborators

I like to take all projects from start to finish. Sometimes the project scope needs more than graphic design and design thinking, so I bring in great collaborators when the project calls for more specific expertise.

Jill Anderson

WordPress Designer
Jill makes websites for creatives working from their designs (like this site) or designing them herself. She breathes WordPress and is a content master. In her spare time, you can see Jill walking into walls while she plays Pokémon Go.

Laura Cheek

Social Media Strategist
Laura partners with brands to create compelling social media strategy that entices audiences to take action. With a knack for branding and creative content, Laura brings a unique perspective to help brands grow their bottom line. Most days you can find Laura at top foodie spots, usually just to get an Instagram picture.

Lloyd Chrein

Website Developer
Lloyd develops websites and online marketing tools, providing every service you will need for creating and maintaining a vibrant, up-to-the-moment online marketing presence. He can also be found recapturing his youth — playing lead guitar in a local band.

Sally Fay

Ad Copywriter
Sally “the distiller,” writes ad copy taking all of the many words clients want to say and whittling away at them to create effective messaging that pops and sings. She clears her head to enable those words to appear with hiking, yoga, skiing and playing hard with her nieces and nephews.

Heather Habelka

Marketing Copywriter
Heather is a skilled marketer with a unique ability to write and edit copy steeped in strategy. She’s pretty darn good at crafting messaging, writing copy for publications and websites, and choosing a bottle of wine.

Danielle Hughes

Danielle has been called a wordsmith, a magician, a copywriter extraordinaire, a lifesaver and a badass. And while she can’t pull a rabbit out of her hat, she can hone your brand message, engage your audience and deadlift your employees, but not at the same time. That’s just irresponsible.

Jocelyn Murray

Marketing Copywriter
Jocelyn enjoys helping businesses and nonprofits thrive by developing marketing campaigns that increase visibility and generate leads in both the print and social media worlds. She is a master of everything related to U2 – the band – in the name of love!

Deidre Rienzo

Deidre helps service providers find their unique brand personality and bring it across in authentic, engaging words. She writes web copy, blogs posts, newsletters, plays well with puppies — oh and she also wrote this website.

Shannon Scheels

Graphic Designer
Shannon is a visual master — making bullet points, technical jargon, and data look clean, organized and visually appealing, and, taking logos & identities designed by Nancy across assets to make brands look cohesive. She is consumed with growing food in her backyard — the most convenient grocery store ever!

Felicia Stingone

Brand Strategist
Felicia is a believer in the power of brand-led growth. She works to help scaling organizations align their brand with their business goals. And she helps bring those brands to life by creating and activating integrated teams to execute on high-impact initiatives that drive results. In her spare time, Felicia is a groupie for the Brooklyn Youth Chorus.

Libby Ventura

Graphic Designer
Libby has a passion for making information legible, easy to digest, and of course, look good! She prides herself on beating deadlines and catching typos. You can often find her painting dogs or playing Legos with her son.

Vicki Wray

Communications Strategist
Vicki helps organizations connect with an emphasis on employee communications including major organizational change, HR initiatives, executive communications, CSR and annual reports. She masterfully assembles materials from strategy through execution often while in the lotus (yoga) position.