Graphic Design (with a side of brisket and tostones)

Design is my obsession (along with cooking, tennis and the beach), and the drive to keep innovating stems from my no-nonsense, process-driven approach to creative work (with a heaping spoonful of fun).

I believe that good design is about more than, well, just design. It’s about a partner who understands what it’s like to run a business (I’m going on 3+ decades), meet deadlines, and seamlessly integrate into your department or projects.

Where Strategic Design Meets Creative Solutions

nancy ruzow, graphic designer, ct, nycI’ve been around long enough to know that logos, colors, and type are important, but relationships, trust, and problem-solving are vital to nailing creative that moves the needle — or funds an entire building (ask me about Oxford University’s $240M endowment). Clients say I listen, get stuff done, am indispensable, and am always ready to roll up my sleeves and pitch in — like when I was asked to create a 300-page rookie guide for the NFL in a matter of weeks.

Capabilities That Expand to Meet Your Needs
From corporate to non-profit and everything in between, Ruzow Graphics offers you the personal attention of a nuanced, visual storyteller combined with the extensive and collaborative capabilities of a firm. The beauty of having my own agency is the flexibility to scale up or down based on your needs. I’ve amassed quite the talented pool of collaborators (who amaze me daily), but, never fear, you’ll always get me as your main point of contact. And, if you care about this kind of stuff, I’ve won 82 awards (and counting) from the American Graphic Design Awards, Healthcare Marketing Awards, and others.

Some Ruzow Graphics Clients

Meet Nancy: Graphic Designer and Strategic Business Partner
When I founded my graphic design firm, I could never have imagined this graphic design company would still be here decades later…and thriving. The secret to my success, and the one thing that’s never changed, is my philosophy on offering a personal touch to my clients. Most of my clients have been with me for years, mostly because I become a trusted resource and act as one of their own (or maybe it’s my witty banter). Some Ruzow Graphics Clients

What Inspires Me
I have a degree in graphic design from Buffalo State, where I was introduced to the work of Milton Glaser, Joan Miro, and Paul Rand — who continue to influence me and my work in business branding and services. I guess you could say I’ve been at this design thing basically my whole life. I’m also constantly motivated by business influencers like Ilise Benun, Michael Janda, and Meg Casebolt. I guess I inspire some people, too, as I was named to Graphic Design USA’s People to Watch list in 2021. I also enjoy working with other creatives and offer small group coaching with an accountability community called the Creatives Roundtable. And because I am not busy enough, I teach Typography as an adjunct professor at Southern Connecticut State University.

My beliefs

  • I believe in partnership, collaboration, transparency, and honesty
  • I am LGBTQ affirming
  • I will not work with the gun industry

Where You’ll Find Me: Westport, CT, and NYC
I split time between NYC and my home office, situated on 2.5 acres of weeds in Westport, CT, with my Cuban husband (thus the tostones), crazy cats, our married kids, and three beautiful grandsons. When I’m not designing, I play tennis obsessively, boogie board at the beaches of Cape Cod, grow cactus, make a mean brisket, and drink sake. (Got any favorites? Send them my way.)

Want a design partner that gets it?


  • 100% certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE, WBENC, WPEO)
  • Owner and moderator,,  small group coaching and accountability groups devoted to helping creative business owners focus, fine-tune, and thrive
  • 82 National Graphic Design Awards

Creative Collaborators

I like to take all projects from start to finish. Sometimes the project scope needs more than graphic design and design thinking, so I bring in great collaborators when the project calls for more specific expertise.

Jill Anderson

WordPress Designer
Jill makes websites for creatives working from their designs (like this site) or designing them herself. She breathes WordPress and is a content master. In her spare time, you can see Jill walking into walls while she plays Pokémon Go.

Laura Cheek

Social Media Strategist
Laura partners with brands to create compelling social media strategy that entices audiences to take action. With a knack for branding and creative content, Laura brings a unique perspective to help brands grow their bottom line. Most days you can find Laura at top foodie spots, usually just to get an Instagram picture.

Danielle Hughes

Danielle has been called a wordsmith, a magician, a copywriter extraordinaire, a lifesaver, and a badass. And while she can’t pull a rabbit out of her hat, she can hone your brand message, engage your audience and deadlift your employees, but not at the same time. That’s just irresponsible.

Cara Lustik

Brand Strategist & Copywriter
Do you know what SpongeBob SquarePants, the Walking Dead, and Columbia Business School have in common? Cara. Whether getting your point across in just a few words or providing copy with plenty of details, she strategically tells your brand’s story in your voice.

Jocelyn Murray

Marketing Copywriter
Jocelyn enjoys helping businesses and nonprofits thrive by developing marketing campaigns that increase visibility and generate leads in both the print and social media worlds. She is a master of everything related to U2 – the band – in the name of love!

Deidre Rienzo

Deidre helps service providers find their unique brand personality and bring it across in authentic, engaging words. She writes web copy, blog posts, and newsletters, and plays well with puppies.

Shannon Scheels

Graphic Designer
Shannon is a visual master — making bullet points, technical jargon, and data look clean, organized, and visually appealing, and, taking logos & identities designed by Nancy across assets to make brands look cohesive. She is consumed with growing food in her backyard — the most convenient grocery store ever!

Vanessa Matthew

Brand Strategist
Dedicated to easing and handholding businesses through the brand strategy process, Vanessa focuses on making brand guardians feel super comfortable with establishing or refining their brand by educating them on brand strategy development.