Let’s talk about your graphic design budget

You’re looking for a graphic designer and you’re not sure who you want to hire. Do you want to go for the newbie designer who’s really affordable but does not have as much experience? Or should you go for someone who has been doing this a long time? The reason you might choose me as your graphic designer is because you want a strategic partner who’s done this before with companies large and small and understands what’s possible. I’ve been a design partner to organizations large and small for 25+ years. With this expertise, I bring a massive understanding of how much things cost and what’s possible within a certain price range.

So in my opinion, we should get right to the money-talk! Why? Because…

#1: Let’s save you time and headache by talking about your budget upfront

Here’s what an ultra-efficient money conversation would look like…

You say, “Our budget is $5000.” I say, “Great. Here’s what we can do for that amount.”

Without sharing your budget, here’s what the conversation will look like…

You say, “We don’t have a budget. How much does it cost?” I say, “Well, it could cost $5000 – $15000 depending on what we do.” And then I proceed to go through all of the plentiful design, printing, and deliverable possibilities with assorted ranges for each until your eyes glaze over and you wish you had just told me your budget was $5000. 🙂 

Your budget will not impact what my time is worth, and the proposed steps we that we take together. If you have a larger budget we can do more, but that does not mean that that is the cost that you will pay at the end of the day. If we can get it done in less time using fewer resources it will save us both time and cost you less money.

Either way, we’ll get there!

Ultimately, our time is precious. Let’s use it to make something meaningful and memorable for your organization. Let’s use it to elevate your presence, attract your audience and make your initiative shine. 

#2: The design project plan can be tailored to meet your graphic design budget

If you have a tight budget, I’ll know how to do your project while keeping the purse strings tighter … standard size paper, one color ink, a landing page instead of a website.

If you have a budget with some room, this will afford us the ability to get imaginative. Show-stopping paper sizes or unusual folds with metallic inks, more varieties of logos, smart methods of getting your message across online and off.

If your budget is higher than is necessary, I can offer you extras you may not have thought of — or I’ll simply tell you, “We don’t need that much for this project.”

The point is when you tell me your goal and your budget — I’ll be able to figure out (more quickly) if and how I can get you there.

#3: If I can’t work within your budget, I have a rolodex of referrals

If we’re not a good fit based on your budget, I have a large network of designers I can refer you to based on your specific project. Efficient for everyone, right?

So, let’s get right to it!

If you have any inkling at all — don’t be afraid to share your budget.

Even if you think it’s too low.

Or too high.

Or you’re afraid you’ll end up paying more than you have to.

The reality is…

My business thrives on partnership. My ongoing partners keep coming back. I price things based on how much they cost, factoring in my time and creative-thinking plus whatever the deliverable costs. My goal is to build relationships — and this starts with giving you a fair price for fantastic work.

As a design solutionist, I use all my skills to help you:

➢   Maximize budget.

➢   Maximize time.

➢   Maximize reach.

➢   Maximize strategic thinking.

➢   Maximize aesthetics.

So, the quicker we can get the money out of the way, the more informed the next steps will be.

Do you have a need, goal or idea? 

Let me brainstorm with you. We’ll figure out what’s possible within your budget. Let’s talk!

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