Need solutions? Include your graphic designer.

Aspetuck Apple Barn is one of my favorite local places. They make pies, then freeze them — then I buy ‘em and bake ‘em. I get the benefit of a delicious-smelling house and warm, fresh-baked pie — with much less work (and mess!).

© 1962, The New Yorker

When I want homemade pie without the tedious stuff — they are a pie solutionist!

And guess what? At Ruzow Graphics, I’m a design solutionist (solution-maker). When you want to connect with your audience, come to me. I’ll help you figure out precisely how, with a strategic dive and ongoing conversation.

Sometimes the best solution takes two minds to uncover.

You don’t have to figure everything out by yourself! Instead, you can have a design partner who brings you new, fresh, effective ideas that make you say:

“Wow, this is an incredible way to share our message that I never would have thought of!”

— Ruzow Graphics client, 2020

Why you should bring your designer in early to strategize your design recipe for success: 

We help you come up with options that might work better, that maybe you didn’t consider.

We might provide ideas you didn’t even think of — or make points you didn’t even realize were possible. For example, when it came to Oxford’s Hillary Clinton Chair in Women’s History, I had the idea to give the piece more mileage by creating two brochures that could each stand alone and be used separately.

We think from a budget-smart perspective — helping you reach your goals, bringing knowledge of what’s doable for what price

A client wanted a series of brochures. Together we realized that a series of landing pages would not only be more impactful — but far more cost-effective! And they didn’t realize how far their budget could go by printing fewer pieces digitally — we shared these little tidbits with them and it made them sooo happy!

We understand the different formats, platforms, and ways to connect, so you can reach your audience better.

A strategic graphic designer can navigate different platforms for your benefit. For a recent client, we created a digital annual report in addition to their printed report so they could engage more readers.

We are invested in your best outcome.

Getting your graphic designer in early will make them part of the process — and we’ll care even more about the piece working.

Your chances of finding a unique solution and standing out from the crowd will increase drastically.

Design-thinking has that special kind of magic.

Over time, as we get to know your brand, we’ll find creative ways to do what you love.

For the New York Building Congress Centennial ball, we employed background patterns and metallic ink to create a piece they love which will share the magnitude of their 100-year anniversary event.

We make sure you’re covered and have everything you need.

For the Epilepsy Foundation, we made sure they had professionally designed logos for all their audiences and outlets in a variety of formats.

We give you flexibility and make your life easier.

A realtor-client came to us for an ad, but after talking with her, we realized what she really needed was the flexibility to create her own ads. So, we created a template for her in Canva! (since these are not out in the world yet, shoot me an email if you want to see them)

We help you through the whole process.

Whether it means working with your marketing team, liaising with printers and developers, or ensuring everything is up and running in your MailChimp account.

“I have seen Nancy almost magically transform cumbersome, data-filled reports into very user-friendly and visually pleasing print collateral material. She always designs with the end-user in mind and has no shortage of creative solutions to various challenges that she may encounter. Her attention to the most minute details has proven to be a project life-saver many times.”

— Alan Bergman, Cosmos Communications

When you have a need, bring it to your graphic designer and let them help you figure out the solution.

If they aren’t good at this — they aren’t the most effective designer for you! A strategic designer will surprise you with their ideas and solutions! At Ruzow Graphics, we are not only doers — but also thinkers — who love collaboration. We work in tandem with companies of all sizes to create marketing-smart design solutions.

Do you have a need, goal, or idea?

I’m a graphic designer AND I’m marketing-minded. I bring both of these skills to every partnership, plentifully. Let’s talk! We’ll take everything into consideration to figure out the best way we can achieve your goals!

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