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Marketing is impossible without great content

I never thought I would be excited about getting a vaccine but, you know, Covid.  Even more strange, everyone asks what brand of vaccine are you getting? Moderna? Pfizer? J&J? It’s like they have secret info on what vaccine is “best”. And the crazy misinformation around other vaccines … Read More ›

Should I update my logo or rebrand it?

The thought of a logo redesign could seem daunting at first, but it doesn’t have to be. Refreshing your logo or rebranding is an excellent way to let your clients, customers, and brand-followers know that you’ve evolved. As humans, it is necessary to visit the doctor for a … Read More ›

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Cast Your Ballot for Brand Consistency

The components of brand guidelines Driving around town with my husband I started giving a design critique of the political lawn signs that were staked in the ground. There’s a young incumbent state senator, Will Haskell, who definitely needs some design love as well as figuring out what … Read More ›