7 reasons you need a strategic graphic designer as your partner

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard about someone buying design software and trying to DIY or “hiring” their college-age niece to create their logo or brochure. After all, how hard can graphic design be?

The truth is, hiring an on-point graphic designer will give you so much more than you think. They’ll give you more than a visually appealing brochure, annual report, or branding package. 

Why you need a graphic designer (that you might not realize until it’s too late):

Not all graphic designers are created equal. But when you hire the best of us, you’ll get:

1. A partner who brainstorms with you.

Your graphic designer can be a strategic creative partner.

It’s not just about a friendly relationship, knowing your kids’ names and where you’re going on vacation. It’s about the warmth and openness that a strong relationship generates. There will be a comfort level where talking is easy — and do you know what that means? You’re not afraid to embarrass yourself and neither are they. This kind of environment is where killer design happens and partnerships flourish. Beyond that, a good dynamic strengthens their commitment to you — and a committed designer will work wonders for your business.

2. Mind reading (well, almost).

Your graphic designer knows what you need before you can anticipate it.

When you have a great partnership, this designer will dive deep into understanding your project and your company so that when it comes to future projects, you won’t have to re-explain. Beyond that, when we know you, your company, and its needs, we can be proactive. We can do some of the thinking and planning for you, so you don’t have to. It’s nice to have a designer who can just about read your mind, especially when you’re as busy as you are. Ultimately, it takes a lot less time to say YES than it does to re-explain your company and its goals again and again to someone new.

3. Creative problem-solving — for your unique needs.

Having a graphic designer on your team will solve problems, creatively. 

The best graphic designers know how to strategize and wield design to solve actual business challenges. Like in my case, how to share The Hillary Rodham Clinton Chair in Women’s History at the University of Oxford while celebrating 100 years of women’s history in a way that’s unified but also versatile! (Like this! / Yay Hillary!) Or, how to make an annual report your readers won’t throw in the trash. (Voila.) Or, how to share information on tables at an event but have them get taken home and not get spilled on? (Hello, phone-sized brochure!) If you need to accomplish something, but don’t quite know how, a next-level graphic designer will help you figure it out.

4. We’ll watch out for you (unlike your niece, no offense).

Your graphic design partner will foresee issues and protect you.

We also look out for problems before they even happen, and solve them in advance! Trying to send an email that’s ridiculously small and nobody will see? We get out our design shields and deflect that teeny-weeny email, putting you on the right path. Trying to print business cards at a different printer from your brochure? We’ll say, “No way, the colors might not match exactly!”, and then get you a discount to print both together.

5. Efficiency, saved money & fewer headaches.

A graphic designer can actually save you money!

Have you ever tried to paint your own house … and then realized, “What am I doing? There are professionals for this!” Things often seem simple until we dive in and realize we’re going to have to pay someone qualified to do this anyway. If you’re looking to save money, here’s how to do it: Do design right the first time. Not only are missed opportunities (from ineffective design) costing you. Unnecessary things might also be costing you! Recently we helped a client save $1500 by turning their annual report into an easy-to-navigate website. Cha-ching.

6. Dot-connecting between your brand and your customers.

Strategic designers help you communicate and connect with your audience.

Real-deal graphic designers are trained to see the pieces that are missing, the opportunities, and the visual representations that can help you get from where you are, to where you want to be. You might not know which design element will help you reach your goals, but we do.

7. If your project needs more — we expand.

Everything you need from a graphic design firm will be handled.

This month, you might need an ad designed. Next year, you might need a WordPress website complete with photographs and newly-created authentic words. Once our relationship starts to blossom, you may experience the benefits of my expandable graphic design firm, where I have the exact team for your needs — from writers to illustrators to web developers. You may not need the full agency capabilities now, but as your business grows and an effective partnership does too, you’ll be glad it can all happen in one place.

So, before you hire that graphic designer, know this…

Don’t just ask what a graphic designer can bring to your project. Ask what they can bring to your marketing, the growth of your business, your sanity, and your enjoyment.

With Ruzow Graphics, you’ll get all these things … and more! Want to explore a partnership? Let’s talk.

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