7 Ways Design Can Bring Your Business Back to Life

As thriving businesses, we don’t just want to be successful for one year, or two. We want to be successful for plenty! What’s the secret? Today, I’m going to talk about design for ongoing success. And as someone who’s been in business for 20+ years, let’s just say I know a lot about this topic!

Want to keep your business thriving over the years?

In essence, it boils down to one simple question to ask yourself — and your organization — over and over again:

What’s uncomfortable? As in What hurts? Does something feel a little old? Stiff? Achy? Troublesome? Inefficient? Painful. You get the idea.

Here are some things that might be hurting you(r business) lately:

  • Clunky old website. Your website isn’t easy to update, and it’s not easy for visitors to use. Sometimes, an old website just can’t be salvaged. And to continue to keep today, it’s time for something new. Here’s a website I designed to bring an interior designer into the 21st century.
Interior Designer Website Design
My current site was very old, and the technology would no longer support it. Ruzow Graphics designed my first website as well as my logo and it was expertly crafted to fit all my needs as an interior designer. I knew that Nancy was the only designer I would consider updating my site. We kept the logo and original graphics but created a more modern approach to the site making it easier to navigate while enhancing the creative aspects of the interiors. This will ultimately attract new people to the site and hopefully increase my client base and my business. — Donna Sherry, ASID Visit site.
Ruzow Graphics created a new direction with a fresh perspective. The logo and branding are everything that I was looking to achieve, and we’re getting great comments from all over, internally and externally. It was great how Nancy walked through so many options with us down to the smallest details including our choice of colors, stationery designs, and even email signatures. — Kenny Zais, President
  • Brand personality blah. Your brand lacks personality. Fifteen years ago, business was a little more buttoned-up than it is today. Thankfully, people want to connect more authentically now. This means having a personality helps you do better business. I redesigned and rewrote my website recently, connecting with images, personality-rich language, and of course, a side of brisket and tostones. Check out the personality on my about page!
  • Logo, font, and color confusion. When it comes to your logo, colors, and fonts, you feel like you’re recreating the wheel with every new need. These days, you need logos in many formats — and they all have to be amazing (and legible) representations of your brand. Is this effort feeling cumbersome? Maybe it’s time to look at the process of how your logo gets used, in order to fuel consistency and make your business (and your delegation) more efficient. With every bone in my body, I can tell you, brand guidelines will undeniably benefit your business (and make your life easier).
  • Print feels less necessary. You’re feeling the urge to go digital with marketing pieces. Whether you’re still printing annual reports and brochures, and crave a strong digital component, or are considering ditching printing altogether, it’s worth looking at your options. The great news? Printing has changed quite a bit. There are digital presses like the Indigo Press that are environmentally friendly and can save you so much money. Plus, they print beautifully! There is also luxurious recycled paper (you can’t even tell).
Slowly transitioning from a print to an online report. Easier to read on your phone or tablet as it is responsive – just like a website! View Report!
  • Advertising annoyance. You wish you could just reformat professional-looking ads yourself — without having to go to your designer for every new size. When it comes to print ads or digital ads, you probably use the same look and similar messaging in a lot of different sizes. Wish you could do some of this yourself? I create templates for my clients in Canva to make it easy for them.
Editable ads save us all time, and you money!
  1. What service?! You have a new (or important) service, but it’s getting lost / and you need to promote it effectively. Sometimes new services can blend into the landscape of your business, making it unclear to customers that it’s even available. A landing page is an affordable and powerful way to clearly explain a new service, engage your customers, and have one simple place to send them (which is also great for SEO).

If pieces of your marketing are difficult, or you’re struggling, or something is taking forever, let’s talk about it. I can help you figure out a design solution to take the pain away.

At Ruzow Graphics, I’m passionate about getting you from point A to point B with ease and efficiency — not discomfort!

So tell me: What’s clunky? What’s uncomfortable?

What could be more efficient, compelling, or attractive? What could make your life easier and your business better?

Not sure? Brainstorm with me!

Remember, I have years of refreshing client experience. Let’s talk.

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