Ghoulish marketing materials?

Does the task of refreshing out-of-date marketing materials send chills down your spine? If your brand image is hiding behind ghoulish marketing materials and a frightfully outdated logo, it may be time to consider refreshing them. But first, a few scary truths:

Good relationships aren’t enough to get new clients

A lot of clients know their marketing materials are outdated — but they are scared to make a change. The haunting truth is, if your marketing materials are mismatched and out-of-date, they are presenting a façade that new clients will never get past, and old clients might leave behind. Potential clients will never get to experience what’s great about your business — because your outdated brand presence is scaring them away.

Consistent doesn’t have to mean stagnant

Even inside consistency, there is room for flexibility. With my logo, I change the “o” in Ruzow on my email signature. Right now, it’s a ghost. During other holidays, like Thanksgiving, Groundhog Day and Valentine’s Day — I have some fun with the logo — but this doesn’t make my brand less consistent.

Good design motivates

Engaging with your brand should always be a treat for potential clients and customers. Presentation is key to capturing your audience’s attention. ruzowgraphics combines impactful data and graphics with a strong narrative to synthesize your message efficiently — attracting new customers and impressing existing ones.

Don’t be frightened — change can be gradual

All too often, companies design their logo and think it’s the end-all-be-all of their brand. It becomes outdated, but they feel stuck. REALITY: even doing little things — eliminating a drop shadow or employing a little facelift — can bring an old logo into the current realm. By then (gradually) carrying it across your brand’s marketing materials with a thoughtful plan, it becomes clear that your brand is still relevant, still evolving — not lost in the dark ages.

Stop masking your brand!

Need a proven partner to make your job easier? The first step toward supercharging your brand is a free consult. If it’s a good fit, we partner with you to create a plan, tackle that list, and pull your brand out of the shadows. Let’s talk!

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