Information designed to influence

If you think about it, information is the reason people buy anything

You share information about what you do, your audience receives information — and ultimately they make a decision. Maybe “information” is a boring word — but in business, the way you share it means everything.

These days everybody is hot on the infographics buzz

While infographics are excellent ways to share tidbits of information, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re right for everything.

Topical information will show your expertise, get looked at by new audiences, and help your current audiences see something in a new light/shift their viewpoint

Your goal as a business should be to create a valuable, good looking marketing piece that shares the information you need to get across and helps you meet your goals. Here is a walk down the sometimes confusing road of sharing specific information via marketing pieces (with examples):

Special Report Brochure Design

Ideal for providing a view into a particular thing of interest to demonstrate your subject matter expertise, special reports are a great way to add validity and stir people to take action. It’s like saying, “This is something we are experts in.”

Whitepaper Design

An even more detailed insight into a particular topic, a white paper is a more technical version of a special report. It goes into complete depth on a topic to show refined expertise. This value-packed piece is often used in exchange for getting someone’s contact info.

Infographic Design

Infographics are an artistic representation of information and data to tell a story in a short and engaging way (via graphics, pictures, checklists). They are easily digestible (you can email them, print them, make them into ads and post them online) and are ideal for sharing value-packed tidbits. Click on Oxford Speaks Volumes to see its use online. (image created for Adobe through Government Business Results)

Annual Report Design

Essentially the culmination of your year, an annual report puts a year’s worth of business information into a report for public and/or promotional purposes. They can include financial information, though they don’t have to. It all depends on what type of company you are, as there are specific requirements for different types of companies.

Postcard Design

Excellent for sharing a singular and specific point of information. A postcard should be the smallest amount of info to whet someone’s appetite. They are inexpensive to print, have a high chance of being viewed (more than a piece mailed in an envelope) and can also be tucked into other types of correspondence for an info-packed punch.

What about website and brochure designs?

Yes, brochures and websites do share information, but they serve as an umbrella of services; they provide an overview while the pieces above share targeted interest points.

Have heaps of information?

I love clarifying information in a way that makes sense. So give me your text, your excel files, and your overwhelming piles of information. I will help you disseminate the information in a digestible, engaging, attractive way so that people receive the information they need to take action.

One more tip: Don’t forget about the response…

No matter what information you are sharing, the goal is always about eliciting a response. There should always be a response-vehicle, whether it’s a response card tucked inside, a detachable mailer, a link to click on, a specific call to action or a URL to visit.

Need to share targeted information in the most effective way? Let’s talk!

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