This year was anything but normal for life, for graphic design

We can definitely be thankful for the unique experiences we did have. Meeting with my clients on Zoom actually enabled more collaboration and interaction. My wonderful client, the University of Oxford North American Development Office, won the prize of most Zoom calls as we brainstormed ideas while working on many projects throughout the year. Zoom meetings allowed us to help them as well as other clients with what they needed to succeed — while laughing and getting to know one another better.

I used the P-word (PIVOT) — did you? I saw several smaller to mid-sized clients diversify their client base, their product service, and offerings to keep their business, in business. What did you do to survive and help you grow and scale?

As you plan for 2021 keep in mind you might still be doing things differently for a good 6 months or more. Did you know that 72% of businesses are increasing digital marketing efforts during COVID-19? Who knew that my two goals of getting one newsletter out a month in 2020 (done!), and posting and interacting more on LinkedIn would put me in that 72%. 

Ruzow Graphics 2020 graphic design business, by the numbers…

Designed 3 Annual Reports, 20 Emails, and 12 PowerPoints — among other creative projects.
Redesigned Ruzow Graphics Website which was Developed by Jill Anderson • Recertified as a Women-Owned Business • Drank 730 Glasses of Iced tea
Participated in 102 Zoom Meetings • Awarded 3 Creatives Roundtable Scholarships • Discovered Naked Wines and new favorite winemaker, Dave Harvey • Won 3 Design Awards
Designed 2 Documents for a Major Sports Franchise • Designed 5 Logo/Branding Projects • Had 1 Grandchild (a first) • Received a PPP Loan
These apps were the ones I used most this year: Boomerang • Slack • Calendly. They made things easier for productivity, communication, and appointment setting. They all have free versions that are pretty powerful.

I’m excited about what 2021 will bring! Take time to renew, reenergize, and spend time with your loved ones in person or on Zoom.

If you are looking for graphic design and strategy that helps you better connect and communicate — Ruzow Graphics is ready to help! By delivering on-point visuals, I help businesses see how the right design connects the dots between their brands and their customers. I’m always ready to talk through ideas, answer questions, and bounce around prospective projects. Let’s talk!

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