What this graphic designer and an octopus might have in common

You might confuse me with an octopus…

One of the things I was reminded of during my recovery from my hamstring reattachment was that as much as I want to think I have eight arms and can do anything, I barely had two legs in the last quarter of the year! I did figure out how to carry things while walking with crutches, but I could have used a few more appendages.

While the comparison between hiring an experienced graphic designer and being a slimy but delicious octopus might seem unconventional — I ask you to bear with me on this aquatic adventure as I use my octopus-like intelligence…

Graphic designers and octopi can both be adaptable and versatile

  • Octopi are known for their adaptability and versatility. They can change colors and textures to blend into different environments —  literally changing color, brightness, pattern, and even texture in a flash to hide in plain sight or advertise for a mate.
  • Ruzow Graphics is also adaptable and versatile —  like an octopus, I seamlessly navigate diverse design styles, adapting to client needs with the finesse of an underwater mastermind. I do not have my own design style. I adapt to different client brand guidelines (or help you create them), showcasing versatility. With my Adobe tools, I too, can quickly change colors, patterns, and textures — or just create them for fun!

I also can adapt to the skills that I do not have by pulling in the collaborators who will complement my skills for client work. For example, I no longer design websites, but I have great people who can take the brands I have created, refreshed, or contributed to — and have them design and develop client sites, microsites, or online reports. I am happy to stay involved as the brand ambassador or turn you over to one of my trusted sea legs. 

We are both masters of multitasking

  • Octopi are excellent multitaskers, using their eight arms for various functions simultaneously. Octopi have 3 hearts: Octopuses also have three hearts: two to pump blood and one to circulate it to the organs. The circulating heart stops beating while an octopus swims — which exhausts them! Think Ruzow Graphics cannot match this? As if!
  • Ruzow Graphics is a master juggler — managing multiple projects, aspects of a project, clients, two businesses, and teaching typography. At any given time, I am concentrating on developing a new brand identity, designing a long-form document, and managing the many marketing materials for a client’s campaign. For example, I am refreshing a client’s brand and have to work with the copywriter I brought into the project for their ad, refreshed website, and overall brand vision — while also bringing in a web developer. The balls are in the air, and I can catch them all.

Graphic designers have to be precise with great attention to detail, another octopus trait

  • Octopi exhibit precision and attention to detail, especially when manipulating objects, navigating mazes, solving problems, and predicting with their tentacles.
  • Ruzow Graphics pays meticulous attention to details, ensuring that every element in a design aligns with the overall vision and purpose. I meticulously handle every pixel, ensuring each element aligns perfectly with the grand vision. It’s a precision party, and everyone’s invited. Ruzow Graphics will forever be the octopus in your back pocket. 

So, as we embark on this new year, let’s channel our inner octopus – adapt, be versatile, and tackle challenges with creativity, intelligence, and a touch of underwater finesse. 

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