Why does a blue sky soothe your soul?

Color plays a big role in everything we do. Think about how red is deemed a “power” color. Or how blue is the perfect color for sleeping because it creates a sense of calm, doesn’t gazing up at a baby blue sky soothe your soul? (listen to Israel Kamakawiwo’ole singing Over the Rainbow)

Blue also signifies trust, loyalty, confidence, and wisdom. Green makes us think of nature and healthy living — and of course money.

Have you thought about the colors in your logo and what they say about your company — what message you’re sending?

What do your brand colors say about your company?

I’m not suggesting you rush out and change your logo (although a refresh could be a worthwhile endeavor if you’ve been around a while), but knowing what emotions your colors evoke in your audience or what message they send can go a long way in helping to further solidify your brand.

Rethink Iconic Brands

There are colors that are associated with industries — real estate is usually green (or blue), banks and finance industries usually have blue as the main color. If you look at Bank of America – they bring in the American Flag and red, as color and a statement of strength, while Citi brings in the red to represent passion.

What would McDonald’s logo be like if the arches weren’t golden (like their french fries)? Or Tiffany didn’t create their own iconic blue? Fun fact: that blue has been trademarked into its own Pantone color, 1837, named for the year Tiffany was founded.

When I start a logo/business branding/identity project I tell my clients that studies have shown that a consumer’s decision to purchase products can range from 60 – 80 percent based on the product’s color.

It’s important to understand the psychology behind your color choice as you might be unwittingly hurting your brand. To get a little deeper dive, check out this article for a more detailed breakdown of what each color signals to your audience and even a fun color emotion chart.

If you are unsure about what your colors are signaling to your audience, and whether it’s right for your business brand, let’s talk about if you are right on track, or need a color overhaul.

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