Three free tools to help you evaluate your website and email performance

Thanks to my client Val Gosset at Evergreen Marketing, I discovered some great sites to check on how my subject lines, headlines, and website score — and those of my other clients as well. She graciously said I could swipe the goods and share it with you.

Feedback on Your Website Performance

Go to HUBSPOT WEBSITE GRADER and enter your website URL.

hubspot website grader

In short order, you will get feedback on your website’s performance, mobile-friendliness, SEO strength, and security — along with specific recommendations for improvement.

Rate Your Email Subject

Test drive your email subject line (this one rated a 90) at SUBJECT LINE. The website returns a grade from 0 to 100, along with reasons for any points deducted. You’ll find many other tips on email marketing at this site as well.

Analyze Your Headlines

You will find this handy tool at the website ADVANCED MARKETING INSTITUTE where you can enter a headline of 20 words or less and it will return a score rating its “emotional marketing value.”

Let me know if any of these links have made it into your bookmarked favs!

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