Have a little heart

I am committed to a crazy little thing called LOVE. I have a handsome cornball of a husband, who is a romantic fellow. It would be just like him to buy a hunk of Gouda cheese, wrap it up, and say “You are Gouda for Me” or some Brie and say “Brie Mine.” Then he would probably eat all of the cheese – because cheese is good! While he is creative about cards and costumes, I am a creative thinker, color and typeface (font) nerd who believes good design and making people smile go hand-in-hand. I like getting Valentine’s cards, and I think other people like getting them as well. This February 14th, I hope you get a card or two, perhaps some flowers, a chocolate bon-bon, and some cheddar — cause it makes everything better.

DESIGN isn’t just about making things look pretty. It’s equally important to communicate information effectively. Too often, businesses try to create marketing pieces that mean everything to everyone, cramming in as much as they can. The truth is, the more information you put in a marketing piece, the less impact each word will have. Love your work. Work your love. And share your cheese.

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