My new digital shoes… how I upgraded my website

I subscribe to industry magazines and stay on top of trends — so I certainly knew my website was past its prime. Busy with client projects, I kept dragging my feet on my redesign. You know what they say about the shoemaker’s children. I was a graphic designer with very outdated digital shoes … until today. My new website is not only clean and fresh — it also better represents my business and fits on any size screen. Unveiling it comes with a combination of relief and excitement (and a little bit of dancing).

What made me finally rebrand and redesign the website? The reasons were stomping loudly on my brain, and I simply couldn’t drag my feet anymore.

1. Google couldn’t find my website, so I made it responsive

When Googling “Graphic Designer Westport CT,” I was not on the front page of search results. Google favors responsive websites with regularly-updated content—my old site missed both marks and I was losing business and clients by not being found. My new site is responsive and findable.

2. Browsing my portfolio was like playing hide-and-seek, so I redesigned it

When a prospective client wanted to see my work, it wasn’t exactly a walk in the park. Clicking around was not user-friendly. Projects were hidden and hard to find. I considered the little details when designing the new portfolio. I added services, and links directly for branding and identity, print and digital ad design, marketing collateral, and websites.

3. People were not contacting me, so I changed my flow and call to action

When potential clients are serious about a project, they’re not scared to talk money. As much as I would like to design for the love of it, I design for money. My new contact form keeps me from wasting a prospect’s time or my own. It helps me determine whether or not I’m the right fit for a project. If not, I can get back to the prospect right away with the name of someone who is.

4. My website was not reflecting my clients, so I added case studies

I finally jumped on the case study bandwagon to highlight a few projects that really came through for my clients. You can see some starting here.

5. Updating my website was difficult, so I started with a fresh WordPress site

Since my site kidnapping and spidering a few years ago (email me if you want to know the story) I could not update my site. The new site is easy to add fresh content—which provides info to my readers (and also earns me brownie points with Google).

6. My content and services were unfocused, so my copywriter changed the tone

As our businesses evolve, things change. We gain clarity on what we want to focus on. My old content just wasn’t representing the ruzowgraphics of today. My new content speaks more clearly to the clients I work most with—business and marketing companies/departments. Now, the site speaks to ideal clients.

DON’T DRAG YOUR FEET (like I did).

If you’re considering overhauling your brand, website, logo, or marketing materials — pick my brain. Whether you prefer meeting over the phone, Zoom or Google, or in-person, I’m happy to provide an assessment of how I can help improve your brand.


No need. I’m a perfect example of how changes can be rolled out gradually. If doing it all at once isn’t on your radar (or in your budget), we can plan a gradual implementation that’s suitable and effective. I can walk as fast or as slow as you need.

Need help with your marketing materials? Let’s talk!

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