Building Industry Association Special Report Design

Special Report

New York Building Congress & New York Building Foundation

The culture and tourism industry has become part of the bedrock of New York City’s economy and its future. A record rise in visitors over the last decade has placed New York City among the top tourist destinations in the world. Ruzow Graphics worked with the Director of Policy and Research, and BJH Advisors to create this building industry impact for tourism and culture report for New York City.

“As Director of Policy and Research for the New York Building Congress, I worked with Nancy on the design and publication of several reports. As our design consultant, Nancy effectively translated our vision and ideas into well-communicated and visually stunning publications, helping our organization elevate our brand and provide our members with valuable materials. Nancy’s expertise and deft hand were on full display throughout of design and publication process. Nancy was truly a pleasure to work with.”

— Justin Pascone, Director of Policy and Research, New York Building Congress

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