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Tim’s Kitchen & Wakeman Town Farm

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I heard about Tim’s death and what Liz and her husband were doing for both Tim’s memory and our community, so I offered to contribute a logo. Tim’s Kitchen turned a former chicken-plucking room into the farm’s main indoor facility and gathering site that will house cooking classes and host dinners. In developing the logo we played with many letterforms settling on one that was fresh and youthful to represent Tim, and we added the lines in the wooden spoon filled to represent being filled with flavor. I was happy to be able to be part of this great town kitchen, and have participated in cooking classes there as well!

“Sadly, our son Tim died at age twenty-seven and we decided to help create a community kitchen in his memory as part of a town-owned farm in Westport, CT. Ruzow Graphics created a wonderful award-winning logo for Tim’s Kitchen that captured our son’s love of cooking, and has helped to attract residents to the farm and our new community kitchen.”

— Liz M., Community Activist