Non-Profit Annual Report Design


Boys & Girls Village

Boys & Girls Village creates new futures for CT’s most at-risk youth. For the past two years, we have been tasked with coming up with a unique and cost-efficient annual report that represents both the embracing nature of BGV and its forward-looking approach.

“Nancy was hired by Boys & Girls Village to be part of our newly emerging marketing and development team. Our goal was to create user friendly materials as well as to reflect the dynamic nature of our organization. Essentially turning traditional marketing and development materials into a branding opportunity to reflect our values and mission. To make this happen required a considerable level of creativity as well as working seamlessly with the other members of the team. Nancy provided a range of options that furthered more discussion and even more innovation. When all was said and done we ended up with an award winning product (our annual report)! Nancy’s work with us has been very rewarding and has continued to help shape our marketing and branding efforts.”

— Dr. Steven Kant, CEO, Boys & Girls Village

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