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Zaff Architecture

Branding & logo design

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Zaff Architecture came to Ruzow Graphics for a logo design. We had great discussions about her personal style and the style of the homes she designs. I sketched until I was able to uncover the same qualities of light and movement that she puts into home design. She then asked us to take it further and develop custom letters and stationery to complete her package.

“As an Architect and creative individual, I was searching for a Graphic Designer who could articulate an image for my firm I was trying to create. Nancy asks questions that I had not thought to ask myself, helping me identify what was important for my logo. I was impressed to find that Nancy’s quick sketches came close to the mark on the first try. Nancy’s streamlined process quickly narrowed down the right design. With her expertise and dialogue, we were able to finalize the logo, which won a Graphic Design award. I appreciate all of Nancy’s hard work and constant advice. I am still receiving compliments of the simplicity and elegance of my logo.”

— Andrea Z., Architect