Never print (and reprint and reprint) another brochure or report again!

A digital brochure that thinks it’s a website (and so will your audience)

What if I told you that there’s an additional option to printing or mailing your annual report or brochure? That you can complement a printed piece, or forgo it entirely, and direct your audience/clients/customers to a URL?

What if that URL was a secure and easy way to showcase your content, update it and took the stress out of excessive mailing costs, packaging or re-printing a mistake or typo?

Digital Brochure Websites!

A new way to present your print materials in digital form. Digital Brochure Websites are ideal for annual reports, brochures and other manuals, online reports, or guides. They act like a website but are faster to create, use, and update.

The beauty of these is that you can:

  • Create an accessible and mobile-friendly, stand-alone digital brochure OR
  • Create an accessible and mobile-friendly, digital brochure + a companion printed piece

2021 Annual Report Boys & Girls Club Village

Let’s compare a print brochure with a digital brochure:

Your Annual Report just went digital (you’re welcome)

DESIGN Elegant and sophisticated design Traditional design
NAVIGATION Easy to jump to sections or scroll Have to flip back to table of contents
EASY TO UPDATE Yes No (can be expensive and time consuming)
SECURE Yes, URL can be private No, can fall into anyone’s hands
LINKS TO WEBSITE Yes (if desired) No

What about a digital PDF?

Those are interactive and easy to navigate, right?

If you’ve ever tried to read a digital PDF on mobile, you know the answer is a resounding no! Not only are digital PDF’s not accessible for all audiences, they’re clunky, hard to zoom (or require repeatedly making your phone horizontal and zooming — at the same time) and graphically limiting. It’s the design equivalent of pasting your printed newsletter onto a webpage.

Not all audiences are created equal

Chances are your audience likes to consume their content in different ways. For those who prefer online, the digital brochure is perfect. But for those who still love a glossy, printed piece, the COMPANION PRINTED BROCHURE is a perfect addition. (It just means you print less, save money and save trees.) A win-win!

While we still produce a small amount of printed annual reports for donor meetings, we really wanted to focus on our digital report this year since so many of our funding requests and donor reports are now online. We were thrilled with the result — our organization even got chosen for a story in the paper based on our digital annual report! We certainly plan to continue using this service as the product is very impressive and professional looking.” — Director of Development, Boys & Girls Village

Pricing: Starting at $3500

  • HTML or WordPress
  • Page for WordPress integration
  • 1-hour training for employees
  • Quarterly WordPress/plugin updates for 1-year following launch
  • Ongoing updates will be charged in 15-minute increments
  • Updates on an as-needed basis for an HTML version
  • Print and downloadable options

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